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Hosting live events worldwide

Ciara is versed in hosting all types of live events and has presented conferences all over the world. From stages in France, London, Dublin and Amsterdam to hosting virtual conferences her journalism shines through when interviewing some of the most interesting people in the world. Whether that be in AI, Tech, News, Sport and media, Ciara can handle panel discussions, debates, Q&A sessions and audiences in their thousands. 

Past live events and panel discussions

  • Irish consulate, Cardiff (February 2024) - Moderated a panel discussion on Women in Sport to a live audience - guests included UEFA Vice President and former international footballer Professor Laura McAllister.

  • BFI Southbank, London (July 2023) – Interviewed about her career for their secondary school teachers summit.

  • Techsure whole day event for Travelers Europe (November 2021): Host of this thought leadership virtual conference for brokers within technology space – Interviewed Dr Anne-marie Amafidon MBE on future proofing technology, Daniel Hulme CEO Satalia on AI, and Stuart Evers, Azertelecom on databases.

  • November 2021

  • World AI Summit Americas (April 2021): Interviewed Craig Martell, Head of Lyft ML Machine Learning, Lyft.

  • UCC University College Cork (May 2021): Interviewed about her career to date.

  • World AI Summit, Amsterdam (November 2019): Chaired 3 panels on main stages about AI in education, fashion brands, and travel. Guests included UNESCO assistant DG of Education, Stefania Giannini.

  • Techsure event London (November 2019): Host of entire conference and interviewed guests on stage at the Steel Yard event space. Interviewed former MI5 head Sir Jonathan Evans and Cal Leeming, Former Hacker and Startup Founder.

  • Women in Media Ireland (April 2019): Moderated a social media debate.

  • Women in Media UK (March 2019): Interviewed about her career highlights.

  • France's Les Napoleons communications conference, Val D'isere (2019 and 2017): Main Host / MC / Presenter on stage and chaired several panel discussions at their main conferences.

  • Imperial business school, London (2018 and 2017): Chaired digital marketing sessions.

  • Rocktoberfest charity event, London (June 2018): Host of the US charity ‘A leg to stand on' first UK event.

  • MediaCon, Dublin (2017): Interviewed about my digital video expertise and social media insights.

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